Exploring Cuban Identity and Personal Heritage on the Journey of a Lifetime

  • May 13 - 18

    We'll be going to Pride in Havana on our first LGBTQ focused trip. Learn how policies and attitudes toward the LGBTQ community have changed from the young Cuban community leaders driving the conversations.

  • July 19 - 23

    Join U.S. Presidential Inaugural Poet, Author and Advisory Board member, Richard Blanco, and MacArthur ‘genius’ and anthropologist, Ruth Behar, as we travel to Cuba on our first trip with a specific focus on literature. We'll visit key literary sites and cultural institutions, engage with Cuban writers and scholars, and lead creative workshops for writers, photographers, and documentarians to connect your artistic voice with your heritage.

  • Fall 2017

    2017 and 2018 will bring changes across both sides of the Florida Straits. We'll explore what that means to Cubans and Americans by hearing from young artists, cuentapropistas and peers on the island.

  • Winter 2017

    Join us for our first trip to the eastern side of the island as we visit Baracoa and Santiago.

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CubaOne Foundation offers a new generation of Cuban Americans the opportunity to give back to Cuba, build relationships with the Cuban people, and explore its heritage through high-impact trips to the island.

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